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Poly Jean Planinsek

This was our first time working with John and he is very impressive to watch work. This experience was by far the best we have ever had. John is so down to earth and you can tell he is a very hard worker. We will definitely be hiring him for all of our family photography needs.

Pamela Zavatto

John Sullivan did an amazing job on our family photos and this is the second session we have done with him. Also Ive gotten professional headshots done twice and his work is exceptional. Will use him again when it is time for our next set!!!

Nicole Urso-Lapas

He was such a pleasure to work with. Very easy going and down to earth. I felt valued and listened to. He was able to capture the essence of me and made me feel confident. a true professional. I was so surprised with the finisher result. It made me look at myself in a new light. Highly recommend for quality photos that are authentic.

Dale Tietjens

Was able to get some stunning couples portraits done with my boyfriend and they were breathtakingly beautifu!! Amazing choice of venue & an awesome photographer to shoot with, so much fun!!

Mitch Coughlin

Just had my second photoshoot with Mr.Sullivan and could not have been more thrilled! His level of expertise with lighting and shading was very impressive. My girlfriend and I had an amazing time and he really knew how to make us feel comfortable which made it very fun! I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for some great shots!

Laura Duran

John did a great job doing my headshots. I highly recommend him for any photography you might need.

Kristine Lwa

Had a wonderful experience for a family photo shoot! He definitely has a creative eye and you can tell his mind is constantly working to figure out how to get the perfect shot! Every picture, he wanted to make special. His photos captured the joy and innocence of my kids and the love we have as a family. Amazing job, thank you Sully!!!

Michelle Epstein Hoffman

John is an amazing photographer and a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend him. My head shots turned out beautifully! He knew exactly how to capture the best angles and backgrounds. I look forward to working with him again.

T Jordan

Fun family shoot, John does a great job at making you feel at ease while being able to get wonderful photots for us.

Joe Andalina proud owner of Totality   ***** Five Stars

I just received my third print from JP Sullivan. I was very excited as I ordered the Totality Eclipse print where the beautiful dark red ring was captured in the image. "It's hard to describe how I felt after opening the box but if I only had one word to use it would be Mesmerized"!  The print is incredible, delivery was very quick. I placed my order on a Monday and that same Friday it arrived.  I look forward to attending the One of a Kind show this December to see more of his prints.

Kurt Facco proud owner of Under The Stars and Florence ***** Five Stars

"At first, it pulls at me with a familiarity and a longing that I don't quite understand. I feel myself stop breathing. A moment later, I fill with appreciation and contentment. I’m taking air again. I don't understand. I'm just there."

Jeffrey Barker   ***** Five Stars

We loved talking to Sully about his artwork at the One of a Kind Show. "We went home with a vibrant aluminum print of Enchanted. Worth every penny! Great buying experience and easy to ship home if need be"

Colleen  ***** Five Star Review        

Top notch artist - I love his work! Check it out!

Ari Caoil  ***** Five Star Review   

Cecille Ventura  *****  Five Star Rating   

JP Sullivan knows his stuff. Great artist who will help you find the right photo to fit your personality and lifestyle. "I placed my order at his show Sunday and my prints arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Freaky fast"!                                                

Kathy Daw   ***** Five Star  

Your art is stunning! "You have the unique ability to bring each picture to life". I love your work and love all of the pieces that I have purchased.                                                                                                                                                    

Matthew Raasakka   *****   Five Star   

Awesome work, great eye! Just picked up my first piece, look forward to seeing more!

Jeff Lynch   *****  Five Star   

Kerry Wolfe    ***** Five Star   

"Love the creativity and how the piece fits into my collection". A pleasure dealing with you also!

Kerry W

Jim Weck   *****  Five Star Rating    

"The pictures are amazing, they make you feel like you are there, they make you feel good". I bought 3 pieces last year and everyone loves them and always asks where we got them. I wish I could buy them all. Decision time. Not if but what and how many.                                                                                                                                                 

Jennifer Orton-Reyes   ***** Five Star Review    

The photos were breathtaking! Everything was displayed nicely and it is wonderful that the pictures come in different sizes. It's unique that the photos come printed on metal and everything looked like you were actually there.                                          

Patty Drajin   *****   Five Star Review    

Second Christmas season I found just the perfect picture for my dear ones. Can't wait to give these gifts.

Melisa Chibucos Mueller   *****   Five Star   

John is an amazing photographer; I just purchased the Mary Anne print on metal- it is just beautiful! Shipping was easy, and I had my print very quickly once I place the order. Wish I lived in Chicago so I could visit the new gallery!

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